Prior to the construction or modification of any public street, an application shall be submitted to the Clerk-Treasurer. The application shall include the following information.
   (A)   Submission requirements.
      (1)   Names of applicants;
      (2)   Right, title, and interest of the applicant to land for the proposed construction or modification of a public street;
      (3)   A statement of any legal encumbrances on the land for the location of a proposed public street;
      (4)   The anticipated starting and completion dates of each major phase of construction of a proposed public street;
      (5)   A statement indicating the nature and volume of traffic anticipated on an average daily basis of a proposed public street; and
      (6)   An estimated cost of the construction of the proposed public street.
   (B)   Plans. Detailed construction drawings shall be submitted showing a plan view, profile, and typical cross-section of a proposed public street. The plans shall include the following information:
      (1)   Date, scale, and magnetic or true North;
      (2)   Intersections of the proposed public street with existing streets;
      (3)   Right-of-way limits of the proposed public street and the existing streets including edge of pavement, edge of shoulder, sidewalks, and curbs;
      (4)   Kind, size, location, material, profile, and cross-section of all existing and proposed drainage ways and structures and their location with respect to the existing natural waterways. Such structures shall be designed and sized in accordance with a stormwater management plan prepared by a qualified registered professional engineer and shall meet the minimum stormwater design and construction standards in § 154.030;
      (5)   Complete curve data shall be indicated for all horizontal and vertical curves;
      (6)   Turning radii at all intersections;
      (7)   Centerline gradients;
      (8)   Locations of all existing and proposed overhead and underground utilities including, but not limited to, water, sewer, electricity, telephone, lighting, and cable television; and
      (9)   A soil erosion and sedimentation control plan showing interim and final control provisions.
   (C)   Application fee. The fee schedule for review of plans for a new public street or an alteration of an existing public street shall be the sum of $500.
   (D)   Application review. The schedule for review of proposed new public streets or lengthening or improvement of existing public streets, shall be in accordance with § 154.002 of this chapter.
   (E)   Acceptance of a public street. Approval by the Town Council of a proposed public street shall not be deemed to constitute nor be evidence of acceptance by the town of said public street. Before the process of acceptance of a public street begins, the street must satisfy § 154.026(A) or (B) of this chapter, must have been properly inspected, and must have gone through one winter and spring season before any Town Council action for acceptance. Final acceptance of a public street shall be only by affirmative vote of the Town Council.
      (1)   A plan of said street or way shall be recorded in the County Recorder’s Office at the time of its acceptance.
      (2)   A petition for the acceptance of said street or way shall be submitted to the Town Council upon a form to be prescribed by the Town Attorney. Said petition shall be accompanied by a plan, profile, and cross-section of said street or way as follows:
         (a)   A plan drawn when practical to a scale of 50 feet to one inch, and to be on one or more sheets of paper not exceeding 24 inches by 36 inches in size or in digital format;
         (b)   A profile of said street or way drawn to a horizontal scale of 50 feet to one inch and a vertical scale of five feet to one inch; and
         (c)   A typical cross-section of said street or way, drawn to a horizontal scale of five feet to one inch and a vertical scale of five feet to one inch.
      (3)   Streets offered for acceptance.
         (a)   Streets to be offered to the town for acceptance must have a written report of inspection prepared by the town’s consulting engineer that affirms compliance with the standards required in Table 154.026 at the completion of construction. Final certification by the Town Council shall be done only after the time period stipulated in division (E) above. Both reports shall accompany the petition.
         (b)   No street or way shall be accepted by the Town Council until the town’s consulting engineer shall have made a careful investigation thereof, and shall have reported to the Town Council their recommendations in writing. Such results shall include at a minimum of one core sample for the road proposed.
         (c)   No street or way may be accepted unless the Town Council finds that the acceptance is in the public interest. In cases of subdivisions, at least 75% of the housing units on that street or within that subdivision phase must be occupied before any acceptance by the Town Council.
(2011 Code, § 154.16) (Ord. 2007-02, passed 3-5-2007)