(A)   Before rough grading begins, all areas needed for the right-of-way on a proposed public street shall be cleared of all trees and brush not intended for preservation and of all stumps, roots, and other objectionable materials. Any trees or other vegetation in the right-of-way that will shade the travel way during the cold months of the year are to be removed. For any private street, the clearing within the right of way shall be to the extent needed to meet the standards of Tables 154.074(A) and (B).
   (B)   Trees not intended for preservation, stumps, and other organic materials shall be removed to a depth of two feet below the subgrade level. Stumps or other substantial parts of trees shall not be buried or included in any street construction materials.
   (C)   All rocks or boulders, exceeding eight inches in any dimension shall be removed down to subgrade level unless otherwise approved in writing by the Town Council or its designee.
   (D)   Aggregate base shall meet the requirements of Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).
(2011 Code, § 154.10) (Ord. 2007-02, passed 3-5-2007)