§ 154.006 DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPLICANT. Anyone whose name appears in the section “Names of applicants” on an application for the construction or lengthening of a public street or private street.
   DRIVEWAY. A private way that provides access for vehicles from a street to parking areas for not more than two of the following in any combination or mix that does not constitute a subdivision: lots; dwelling units; cottages; camps; churches; clubs; fields; business establishments; and the like. A DRIVEWAY is not a “street”.
   ENTRANCEWAY. Similar to a driveway, but it provides access for vehicles from a street to a parking area for more than two lots, dwelling units, cottages, camps, churches, clubs, fields, business establishments, and the like. An ENTRANCEWAY may be a public street or a private street.
   PARKING SPACE. A space for parking vehicles.
   SIGHT LINE. Lines of visibility for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.
   STREET. Any way that is intended for vehicular travel and may be called a street, road, highway, avenue, boulevard, way, lane, alley, and the like.
      (1)   ARTERIAL STREET. Any street where volumes of traffic are typically more than 5,000 vehicles per day.
      (2)   COLLECTOR STREET. Streets where volumes of traffic typically range from 500 to 5,000 vehicles per day.
      (3)   DEAD END STREET. Any public street or private street that is closed at one end and does not provide for through travel between other streets.
      (4)   MINOR STREET. A street where the volume of traffic is typically less than 250 vehicles per day.
      (5)   PRIVATE STREET. Any street that is not a public street or a driveway.
      (6)   PUBLIC STREET. A federal or state highway or a street that has been accepted by the Town Council for upkeep and maintenance by the town.
      (7)   SUB-COLLECTOR STREET. A street where the volume of traffic is typically 250 to 500 vehicles per day.
   TOWN ENGINEER. Any qualified street construction engineer appointed by the Town Council to undertake the duties prescribed by this chapter.
   TRAVEL WAY. The portion of the street for the movement of vehicles, exclusive of shoulders.
   TURN-AROUND. An area at the end of a dead end street that provides adequate maneuvering space for large vehicles to turn around.
(2011 Code, § 154.09) (Ord. 2007-02, passed 3-5-2007)