(A)   Required water supply for fire protection. All Class 1 structures or portions of Class 1 structures hereafter constructed shall be provided with a water supply capable of providing the required fire flow for firefighting purposes for a minimum period of two hours. In setting the requirements for fire flow, the Fire Chief or his or her designee may use the IFC (575 IAC 22), Appendix B as a guide.
   (B)   Fire Hydrants. All private hydrants and water mains shall be installed and maintained as set forth in the 2013 edition of NFPA Standard #24. The Fire Chief in determining location and spacing of hydrants shall use the IFC (675 IAC 22) Appendix B as a guide.
   (C)   Fire hydrant locations. The proposed location of private fire hydrants to supply the required fire flow shall be approved by the Brownsburg Fire Territory prior to construction of any Class 1 structures or any addition to a Class 1 structure. One fire hydrant shall be installed within 100 feet of any Fire Department connection that serves as standpipe and/or sprinkler system or as required by the Fire Chief or his or her designee.
   (D)   Private fire hydrant specifications. Whenever the provisions of this section require the installation of a private fire hydrant, whether on public or private property, such hydrant shall meet the following specifications:
      (1)   It shall be equipped with a 5¼-inch main valve opening.
      (2)   It shall be constructed with two 2½-inch hose nozzles, with 7½ national standard threads per inch.
      (3)   It shall be equipped with one 4½ inch steamer nozzle with a 5-inch Stortz connection.
      (4)   It shall be constructed to be opened by turning clockwise a national standard pentagon-operating unit.
      (5)   The source of the water supply shall be buried five feet below the ground level at the hydrant.
      (6)   The hydrant shall be constructed with a break-off feature to prevent the hydrant from leaking when damaged by collision.
      (7)   All privately owned hydrants shall be painted red.
(Ord. 2013-14, passed 6-27-13)