§ 113.21 EXEMPTIONS.
   The following shall be exempt from all provisions of this subchapter:
   (A)   Any person delivering newspapers, fuel, dairy products or bakery goods to regular customers on established routes.
   (B)   Any person selling goods at wholesale to dealers in those goods.
   (C)   Any person selling agricultural products which that person has grown or produced in Hendricks County, and is being sold by a resident of the county.
   (D)   Any permanent merchant or employee thereof who takes orders away from the established place of business for goods regularly offered for sale by the merchant within the Town and who delivers goods in their regular course of business.
   (E)   Any person who has an established place of business where the goods being sold are offered for sale on a regular basis, and in which the buyer has initiated contact with, and specifically requested a home visit by the person.
   (F)   Any person who has had, or one (1) who represents a company which has a prior business transaction, such as a prior sale or credit arrangement, with the prospective customer.
   (G)   Any person selling or offering for sale a service unconnected with the sale or offering for sale of goods.
   (H)   Any person holding a sale required by statute or by order of any court and any person conducting a bona fide auction sale pursuant to law.
   (I)   Any employee, officer or agent of a charitable organization which has secured a permit as provided for elsewhere in this code.
(`92 Code, § 4-62) (Ord. 88-35, passed 10-13-88)
Statutory reference:
   Procedures for veterans to sell goods without the payment of any license fee, see I.C. 25-25-2-1