(A)   Registration with Clerk-Treasurer. Before any person shall engage in an act of canvassing he or she shall register with the Clerk-Treasurer and shall give his complete identification, his signature, the name of his employer, the nature and purpose of his canvassing, the name or names of the organization or entity for which he is soliciting, the make, model, color and license plate number of any vehicle being used during his canvassing, the purpose of his canvassing and the proposed method of operation in the Town.
(`92 Code, § 4-51)
   (B)   Fee. Each registrant shall pay to the Clerk-Treasurer a registration fee of ten dollars ($10) to cover the process cost of the registration.
(`92 Code, § 4-52)
   (C)   Valid registration. Upon proper registration pursuant to this subchapter and the payment of the fee by the registrant, the registration shall be valid for the person for a period of thirty (30) days, commencing on the date that the fee is paid for the registration to the Clerk-Treasurer.
(`92 Code, § 4-53)
(Ord. 88-34, passed 10-13-88) Penalty, see § 113.99