§ 113.03 EXCEPTIONS.
   The provisions of this subchapter shall not apply to the following persons:
   (A)   Officers or employees of the Town, an Indiana county, the state or the federal government, or any subdivision thereof, when on official business.
   (B)   Legitimate candidates for national, state and local public office and their authorized individuals working for the candidates when the candidates or their authorized agents are engaged in an election campaign for public office.
   (C)   Authorized individuals soliciting donations, contribution or memberships to recognized charitable and religious organizations.
   (D)   Authorized individuals soliciting donations, contributions or memberships for recognized service and fraternal organizations that have an organized chapter or body located within the Town, or within Lincoln Township or the State of Indiana.
(`92 Code, § 4-50) (Ord. 88-34, passed 10-13-88)