(A)   No person shall construct, operate or maintain a cable system within the Town without first having received a franchise granted by the Council under the provisions of this chapter and the Act.
   (B)   The Council shall have the authority to grant one (1) or more non-exclusive franchise contracts conveying the right to construct, operate and maintain, within the public ways of the Town, poles, cables, and any other equipment necessary to the operation of a cable system in accordance with the provisions of the Act and this chapter.
   (C)   The Council may in its discretion at any time, without the necessity of a public hearing thereon, adopt a resolution determining to issue a request for proposals for one (1) or more franchises to provide cable service to all or portions of the Town. Any request for proposals and any franchise granted under this chapter may include any requirements and specifications as may be required or permitted under the Act as the Council deems necessary to assure the provision of versatile, reliable and efficient cable service to the Town and its citizens.
   (D)   The Council may establish any procedures, consistent with applicable law, as it deems appropriate for the granting of a franchise and may hold public hearings as it deems to be necessary. Notice of a request for proposals and of all public hearings held in connection with the granting of a franchise shall be given as directed by the Council, and at a minimum in accordance with I.C. 5-3-1.
(`92 Code, § 4-171) (Ord. 92-16, passed 7-9-92)