§ 111.06 CHARGES.
   (A)   The following charges are applicable for all emergency ambulance, rescue and first-aid service provided by the Ambulance Service operated by the Brownsburg Fire Territory:
      (1)   Basic charge, transporting: One thousand two hundred thirty dollars ($1,230).
      (2)   (a)   Paramedic assist: Two hundred twenty five dollars ($225).
         (b)   Advanced life support I, transport: One thousand four hundred eighty dollars ($1,480).
         (c)   Advanced life support II, transport: One thousand seven hundred seventy dollars ($1,770).
         (d)   Cardiac arrest treatment/non-transport: Two hundred fifty dollars ($250).
         (e)   Diabetic treatment/non-transport: Seventy five dollars ($75).
      (3)   Mileage: Twenty five dollars ($25) per mile.
   (B)    A copy of the current charges will be on file in the office of the Fire Chief of the Territory. These charges may be further amended from time to time through an amendment of this section of the Town Code by the Town Council or through the annual budgeting process of the town and/or the Territory.
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