(A)   Whenever authorized inspector or investigator for the local Fire Prevention Bureau determines by inspection that a violation of this code or a hazardous condition exists upon any premises within the Bureau's jurisdiction, the person making the determination shall prepare a written inspection report of the violation or condition which shall describe the violation or condition, suggest appropriate action to correct the violation or eliminate the hazard, and specify a reasonable date by which the violation or condition must be corrected or eliminated.
(`92 Code, § 7-97)
   (B)   In the enforcement of this chapter or any other provisions of this code which is within the jurisdiction of the Bureau, the Bureau may seek the correction of any violation or the elimination of any hazardous condition, by the methods specified in this section or by any other appropriate remedy or procedure provided by law.
(`92 Code, § 7-96)
(Ord. 88-33, passed 10-13-88)