(A)   Any person receiving four (4) or more notices of a violation pursuant to this chapter, or anyone receiving a notice of any violation and who does not wish to compromise the claim of the Town by the payment of the penalty therefor as provided in this chapter, may appear in person, or by attorney or agent, at the office of Ordinance Violations Bureau during the period of time provided therefore in the notice, waive arrest and arrange with the Bureau to be slated and to have date set for the time he or she shall appear in court.
   (B)   The Ordinance Violations Bureau shall thereupon arrange with the Clerk or Judge of the court having date on which the law enforcement officer who signed the notice of the violation is assigned to duty in the court, and shall notify the Town Attorney of all cases, giving the status thereof and any information required so that proper affidavits or complaints may be prepared.
(`92 Code, § 4-42) (Ord. 90-20, passed 9-13-90; Am. Ord. 92-25, passed 8-27-92)