(A)   A police officer, or an enforcement officer of the Town Fire Prevention Bureau, shall notify the owner or operator of a vehicle, or his representative, or any person found in possession or in charge of the vehicle, with a written notice. If the officer shall not find any person in possession or in charge of the vehicle, or if the person is a child or incapable of receiving the notice, the officer shall notify the owner or operator thereof by posting or attaching a written notice of the violation in a conspicuous place upon the vehicle, and the person shall be bound thereby.
   (B)   All notices of violations, as required to be served by this section, shall be executed by the police officer, Fire Prevention Bureau enforcement officer or other authorized person, in triplicate. One (1) copy shall be served upon the violator, one (1) copy shall be filed by the officer with the Ordinance Violations Bureau, and one (1) copy shall be filed in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer, which copy shall also be for the use of the officer. The latter two (2) copies shall be filed in the respective offices by the officer at his earliest opportunity before or when he goes off duty for the particular day on which the notice was served on the violator.
   (C)   All notices provided for in this section shall be serially numbered and shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The specific violation with which the violator is charged.
      (2)   The license plate number of the vehicle, if applicable.
      (3)   The name and address of the owner of the vehicle, if possible to obtain, if applicable.
      (4)   The location of the violation.
      (5)   The signature of the officer.
      (6)   The badge number, if any, of the officer.
      (7)   The date and time of the violation.
   (D)   The copy of the notice served upon the violator or his representative, or the owner of the vehicle, shall, if applicable, also state that the violator or other person shall appear in person, or by attorney or agent, with his license or permit to drive or operate motor vehicles, issued by the state, at the office of the Ordinance Violations Bureau within five (5) days of the date of the violation appearing upon notice; and the violator so appearing shall have the privileges accorded in this chapter. However, if the period of five (5) days shall expire upon Sunday or a legal holiday, then the period of time in which the violator must appear shall be extended an additional twenty-four (24) hours.
(`92 Code, § 2-21) (Ord. 88-39, passed 12-8-88)