(A)   The Board of Fire Commissioners may appoint, subject to the approval of the members of the Fire Protection Territory, as many firefighters as necessary to serve on the Fire Department, and appoint other employees as necessary to carry on the work of the Fire Territory. The Board may recommend, and the Town Council and the Brown and Lincoln Township Trustees shall determine, the compensation to be paid to employees of the Fire Territory Department in amounts that are just and reasonable.
   (B)   The Board constitutes the safety board of the Fire Protection Territory for purposes of the suspension, demotion or dismissal of any member of the Fire Department. Proceedings for the suspension, demotion or dismissal of any member of the Fire Department shall be conducted in the manner prescribed by I.C. 36-8-3-4. The disciplinary provisions of I.C. 36-8-3-4.1 also apply to the Board of Fire Commissioners and the Fire Chief. The Board may make general and special rules for the government and discipline of the Fire Department, and may make special and general orders to the department through the Fire Chief, who is the executive head of the Department. Volunteer members of the Fire Department must:
      (1)   Have adequate means of transportation into the Town; and
      (2)   Maintain telephone service in their residence with the Town.
(`92 Code, § 2-66) (Ord. 95-43, passed 10-26-95)