(A)   (1)   The Board of Police Commissioners shall, subject to the qualifications for employment determined by the Board and approved by the Town Council, appoint as many persons as necessary to serve in the Police Department. One (1) person shall be appointed to serve as the Chief of Police.
      (2)   The Board shall appoint other employees as are necessary to carry on the work of the Police Department. All persons appointed must be of good moral character and shall serve only during good behavior.
      (3)   The Board may recommend and the Town Council shall determine the compensation to be paid to members of the police department in amounts that are just and reasonable.
      (4)   The Board may make general and special rules and regulations for the government and discipline of the Police Department and make special and general orders to the Department through the Chief of Police, who is the executive head of the Department.
(`92 Code, § 2-52)
   (B)   (1)   The Board may, after cause determined at a hearing and after due notice according to its rules, dismiss, demote, or suspend from office or for a definite period deprive of pay a member of the Police Department.
      (2)   A member of the Police Department who is dismissed, demoted or suspended for a period greater than five (5) days may appeal the Board’s action to the Circuit or Superior Court of the county as prescribed by I.C. 36-8-3-4(e).
(`92 Code, § 2-53) (Ord. 88-12, passed 4-18-88; Am. Ord. 92-25, passed 8-27-92; Am. Ord. 2016-28, passed 10-13-16)
Statutory reference:
   Powers and duties of the Board, see I.C. 36-8-9-4