(A)   Equipment. All supplies, materials, equipment, and accessories that are purchased with town funds (in whole or in part) shall always be considered property of the town.
   (B)   Safety. Safety precautions in the use of all equipment and in all other actions must be practiced and adhered to at all times. Each employee must abide by the safety procedures and use of safety equipment instructions established by his or her respective department head. Failure shall be grounds for disciplinary action.
   (C)   Purchases. Purchases for the department will be made by the department head or by one employee only, duly designated in writing to make purchases within designated limits. All bills shall be submitted to the Clerk-Treasurer by the department head only.
   (D)   Loans.
      (1)   The lending of tools, materials, or equipment is prohibited except to adjacent communities for mutual aid by the respective department heads.
      (2)   Since the department head is monetarily responsible for the aforementioned, the procedures for loans shall be in writing, indication tools or equipment involved, proposed use, date received, date of possible return, and signed by the department head and recipient of loan. The transaction will be completed upon return by written acknowledgment by department head.
      (3)   All tools, materials, and equipment shall be properly marked indicating the town’s ownership.
   (E)   Maintenance. Any equipment assigned to an operator must be checked for oil, water, fuel, tires, and the like, by the operator before operating it. If any equipment or vehicle is not performing correctly, the operator shall notify the supervisor and shall not move the equipment until it is released by the supervisor and/or department head.
   (F)   Use of vehicles. Town vehicles shall be used for official business of the town only and may not be used for private purposes, except where the employee is on call within the corporation limits. Except for emergency vehicles, speed limit and motor vehicles statues and ordinances shall be followed at all times and places. Violation of this division (F) shall constitute an infraction.
      (1)   All town-owned vehicles and property shall be clearly, neatly, and visibly marked indicating town and department.
      (2)   Town-owned vehicles shall not be used to transport employees to and from home.
   (G)   Loitering. Loitering by unauthorized person(s) in or out of any town property is strictly forbidden.
(Ord. 4, 1998, passed 3-25-1998)  Penalty, see § 10.99