§ 32.10  VACATION.
   (A)   Vacation time for all employees (including Clerk-Treasurer, Police Department, Superintendent, all operators, and labors) working on a full-time basis for the town shall be as follows:
      (1)   One week for six consecutive months employment;
      (2)   Two weeks for 12 or more consecutive months employment; or
      (3)   Three weeks for ten years or over with consecutive employment.
   (B)   Employees whose services are terminated will be paid one day for each month of the year reduced by vacations taken prior to termination. Example: An employee who qualified for vacation quits March 10 and has taken no vacation will be paid two days (January and February). An employee who qualified for vacation quits November 1, and has taken one full week of vacation will be paid for four days.
   (C)   Vacations will be scheduled at the convenience of the employee so far as possible. The Superintendent will approve all operators and labors scheduling.
   (D)   At least three months scheduling should be done by each employee. If there is a conflict, seniority shall apply.
(Ord. 4, 1998, passed 3-25-1998)