§ 32.08  LEAVE.
   (A)   Procedure.
      (1)   Step one. Henceforth, all requests for leave shall state in writing how and by whom the loss of services will be performed. (Exception: unforeseen circumstances, illness, and the like.)
      (2)   Step two. Requests shall be submitted by department head to Town Council for final action.
      (3)   Step three. If granted, details shall be submitted in writing to Clerk-Treasurer for processing.
   (B)   Sick leaves generally.
      (1)   Each employee will be allowed up to ten days per year for bona fide sickness or time loss due to injuries not connected with employment, after a 90-day probation period.
      (2)   Employees who resign or are terminated in any way will not be compensated for accumulated sick time.
      (3)   Sick leave time will not be cumulative and cannot be carried forward to succeeding year.
   (C)   Extended sick leave.
      (1)   Extended sick leave will apply to full-time employees and be effective after one year of employment.
      (2)   Upon serious illness with a doctors verification, each employee will receive two months full pay and one month at one-half pay. After three months, no compensation will be made by the town.
   (D)   Court and jury leave.
      (1)   Absence from work without loss of pay or benefits for a town employee officially called to serve on a jury or as a witness in any federal, state, or local court may be approved by the department head and/or supervisor, provided a copy of the subpoena and a certificate of service is presented to the department head and/or supervisor.
      (2)   A claim for court and jury leave must be authorized and approved by the employees department head and be submitted to the Clerk-Treasurer for processing. A copy of the subpoena, a certificate of service, and payment thereof shall be processed with the claim and the difference between the employee’s normal rate of pay and the jury payment will be paid.
      (3)   Court and jury leave does not apply to the defendant nor plaintiff of any litigation.
      (4)   It will be the responsibility of the Town Attorney to seek exemption from duty for an employee if his or her serving jury duty will be detrimental to the public service because of the loss of services of the employee.
      (5)   Each department head is responsible for maintaining a permanent record of absences due to court and jury leave for each employee with a copy sent to the Clerk-Treasurer to go into the employee’s personnel file.
   (E)   Maternity leave.
      (1)   A full-time employee who becomes pregnant with one year of continuous service may receive a maternity leave of absence, without pay, of up to 12 months without loss of seniority.
      (2)   Maternity leave will start only after all vacation leave, sick leave, or other accumulated leaves have been utilized.
   (F)   Bereavement leave.
      (1)   In the event of death in the family of an employee’s spouse, parent, children, brother, sister, or other member of household, the employee shall be granted three working days off with pay to take care of household adjustments, and to attend funeral services. In the event of death in the family of an employee’s grandparents, father-in-law, mother-in-law, aunts, uncles, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, the employee shall be granted one working day off with full pay to attend funeral services.
      (2)   A special case may be considered and evaluated if extenuating circumstances are indicative of extreme or humane need. Details of need for extension of bereavement leave should be made known (inclusive of estimated additional time needed beyond the allowed one day) to the department head and the Council President or his or her designee. Additional bereavement leave may be granted when such relief is found to be urgent and necessary.
   (G)   Training leave.
      (1)   Employees can obtain training leaves without loss of pay for the purpose of participating in training that will increase the knowledge or efficiency of said employees in their positions with the department involved.
      (2)   Department heads should have determined in their planning critical emphasis areas and select both school and individual accordingly. Thought should be given to the effect caused by the temporary loss of personnel and its impact on the overall efficiency and performance of the department.
      (3)   All requests shall be submitted at least two weeks prior to beginning of leave and shall have the recommendation of the department head and the approval of the Town Council. Leave shall not exceed three days with pay unless upon investigation the Town Council determines the merits of such warrants an extension of time.
      (4)   Departments responsible for the health and safety of the citizens of the town shall plan vacation, school, or military leave times so that only one employee will be away from duty during one time period. Requests for deviation from this policy shall be submitted in writing to the Town Council, stating reasons and plans for maintaining efficiency and performance level of the department.
   (H)   Unused leave. Employees who quit or who are terminated in any manner shall be compensated for unused vacation time.
(Ord. 4, 1998, passed 3-25-1998)