(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish an application and appointment procedure as required by Section 2.06 of the City Charter for filling a vacancy in the office of Mayor or City Council member.
   (B)   Procedure. In those situations where Section 2.06 of the City Charter requires the City Council to appoint an eligible person to fill a vacancy in the office of Mayor or City Council member, the following procedure will be followed:
      (1)   Announcement of the vacancy must be published in the city's official newspaper and posted on the city's website as soon as possible after the City Council has declared the vacancy to exist. The announcement must advise interested persons of the process for applying for the vacancy and the procedure that the City Council will follow in filling the vacancy.
      (2)   Eligible persons desiring to fill the vacancy must submit an application to the City Clerk within the time frame established by the City Council.
      (3)   If there are multiple applicants, the City Council must select at least two of them to be interviewed by the City Council. The interviews must take place at a regular or special Council meeting. If there is only one applicant, the recruitment period shall be extended provided that the deadline established in Section 2.06 of the City Charter for making an appointment is not jeopardized.
      (4)   At the first Council meeting after all of the interviews have been completed, the City Council must vote on filling the vacancy in the manner set forth in Section 2.06 of the City Charter.
   (C)   Exception. If the declaration date of the vacancy occurs 60 days or less before the next regular city election, the City Council may, without going through the process set forth in this section, fill the vacancy by appointing the person who is elected at that election to serve the new four-year term of office for the vacated Council seat.
(Ord. 2017-1224, passed 11-27-17)