(A)   Limited number.  Only one recreational fire is permitted per residence or lot, whichever is less.
   (B)   Location.  Recreational fires may only be built in an approved container or fire pit. A police officer shall determine if a container meets the conditions for an approved container. Fires should be at least 25 feet from property lines, structures, or other combustible material.
   (C)   Supervision.  A recreational fire must have a competent and sober adult monitoring the fire at all times. A water source and/or sand must, at all times, be present to extinguish the fire.
   (D)   Liability.  The property owner and/or occupant shall be liable for any and all damage caused by a recreational fire on the premises.
   (E)   Complaints.  If a police officer observes unsafe conditions at a recreational fire or finds smoke becoming a nuisance to neighboring property owners/occupants, she or he is authorized to direct the fire be completely extinguished. Smoldering embers may be deemed a nuisance and a police officer may require the property owner/occupant to completely extinguish the smoldering embers.
   (F)   Prohibitions.  Accelerants shall not be used in kindling or maintaining a recreational fire. Material other than dried, cut timber is prohibited for use in a recreational fire.
   (G)   Compliance with other ordinances.  Violations of other city ordinances may be deemed a violation of this subchapter if said violation occurs in a manner related to a recreational fire.
(Ord. 194, passed 7-9-2012)  Penalty, see § 97.99