(A)   All openings, excavations and obstructions shall be properly and substantially barricaded and railed off and at night shall be provided with three or more red warning lights for each opening, excavation or obstruction.
   (B)   On long trenches or obstructions, warning lights crosswise of the flow of traffic shall not be over eight feet apart and parallel to the flow of traffic not over 25 feet apart.
   (C)   The Superintendent shall determine what constitutes proper barriers and lighting.
   (D)   The utmost care shall be exercised at all times in protecting life and property in the performance of the work, and the work accomplished with as little as possible interference to traffic and the use of the street, alley or thoroughfare.
   (E)   Sufficient help and equipment shall be provided to expedite the work to the satisfaction of the Superintendent.
(Prior Code, § 30.056)  (Ord. 10, passed 6-6-1935)