(A)   On receipt of the application, the Clerk/Treasurer shall immediately notify the Superintendent of the same, and the Superintendent shall investigate and, if satisfied that the occupancy is necessary and reasonable, shall endorse the application by signing his or her approval on the same.
   (B)   If the Superintendent shall determine that the application shall be granted only on certain conditions and for a certain limited time, he or she shall so state in his or her endorsement approving the application, and the permit shall be issued only subject to those conditions or limitations.
   (C)   If in the opinion of the Superintendent, the occupancy will involve such an obstruction of traffic or danger to the public use of the street, alley or public place as will warrant the same, he or she shall provide in his or her approval of the application that the permit be issued only on the execution and delivery by the applicant of a bond to the city conditioned as hereinafter stated.
(Prior Code, § 30.053)  (Ord. 10, passed 6-6-1935)