(A)   In the event that any person, firm or corporation doing or omitting to do anything declared to be a nuisance shall not discontinue same within the time stated in the notice to abate the nuisance, the City Manager shall be authorized to order the necessary work to be done to abate the nuisance, and any expense incurred by the city in abatement of the nuisance shall be charged against the lot or premises upon which the nuisance was maintained and from which it was removed and shall become a lien against the lot or premises and may be collected in the same manner as the lien created by city taxes assessed against the lot or premises and shall be assessed on the next assessment roll following the incurring of the expense.
   (B)   The amount of expense shall be certified by the City Manager to the Tax Department of the city for assessment and collection.
(Prior Code, § 35.110)  (Ord. 87, passed 3-8-1965; Ord. 182, § 1, passed 2-13-2012)