The police force of the city shall be classed as full-time and part-time. The full-time police shall consist of the Chief of Police and an additional number as the City Council and the City Manager shall from time to time specify. Part-time officers shall be appointed as, from time to time, the City Council and the City Manager may deem necessary for the good operation of the Department. Part-time officers shall not be considered permanent members of the police force of the city but shall have the authority full-time members of the Department may have. The  Chief of Police, with the expressed written consent of the City Manager, may appoint un-paid reserve members of the Police Department for assistance with various tasks s permitted by this code and state statute.
(Prior Code, § 40.104)  (Ord. 21, passed 6-6-1935; Ord. 182, §§ 1, 5, passed 2-13-2012)