(A)   Powers.
      (1)   The Board of Cemetery Trustees shall have power to recommend all necessary regulations for the prudent and efficient care, management and protection of the cemetery, and shall direct the improvements and embellishments of the grounds, cause the grounds to be laid out in lots, avenues and walks, the lots to be numbered and the plots therefor to be made and recorded in the office of the Clerk/Treasurer.
      (2)   The Board shall have power in its discretion, to receive and hold any property, real or personal, by devise or otherwise, which may be granted, transferred or devised to the Board, in trust, for the purpose of caring for and keeping in good order and repair, any lot or lots or portions thereof specified in the trust, and any moneys received for those purposes shall be turned over to the Clerk/Treasurer and he or she shall deposit same in a special fund to be used only for the purpose of the trust.
      (3)   The Board shall recommend to the City Council the price to be fixed for lots, and after the Council has set the price, no lot shall be sold by the Board for a less sum than the price so fixed.
      (4)   The Board shall recommend to the City Council the appointment of the employees of the cemetery as from time to time needed; submit to the City Council the regulations for the burial of the dead, the care of grounds, monuments and appurtenances of the cemetery, and the orderly conduct of persons visiting the grounds all of which recommendations shall be passed on by the City Council. All the regulations shall be enforced by the City Manager.
(Prior Code § 12.251)
   (B)   Annual report.
      (1)   It shall be the duty of the Board of Cemetery Trustees on the first Monday of October of each year, to report to the City Board, the amount of money on hand at the last annual report, the amount received and owing the Cemetery Fund from all sources, the amount of funds in trust and from whom received, and the date, amount, items and purpose of all expenditures and liabilities incurred, and other matters as the Board shall require to be reported, which report shall be verified by oath of the Clerk of the Board.
      (2)   It shall be the obligation of the City Clerk/Treasurer to collect for lots and maintenance.
      (3)   The Board shall also, at the regular meeting in April each year, make an estimate of the requirements for maintenance and improvement of the cemetery for the ensuing year, and report the same to the City Council for their approval and the amount of money so appropriated shall become a part of the Cemetery Fund.
(Prior Code, § 12.252)
(Ord. 68, passed - -; Ord. 182, § 1, passed 2-13-2012)