Section 11.1 The city shall possess, and hereby reserves to itself, all the powers granted to cities by law to acquire, construct, own, operate, improve, enlarge, extend, repair and maintain, either within or without its corporate limits, including but not by way of limitation, public utilities for supplying water, light, heat, power, gas, sewage treatment, transportation, and garbage and refuse disposal facilities, and also to sell and deliver these and other utility services within or without its corporate limits, as authorized by law.
Section 11.2 The council may enact such ordinances and adopt such resolutions as may be necessary for the care, protection, preservation, control, and operation of any public utilities which the city may, in any manner, acquire, own, or operate, and all fixtures, appurtenances, apparatus, buildings, and machinery connected therewith or belonging thereto, and to carry into effect the powers conferred upon the city by the provisions of this charter and by statute.
Section 11.3 All municipally owned or operated utilities shall be administered as a regular department of the city government under the management and supervision of the city manager.
Section 11.4 The city council shall have the power to fix, by ordinance, from time to time, such just and equitable rates and charges as may be deemed advisable for supplying the inhabitants of the city and others with such utilities and services as the city may acquire or provide.
Section 11.5 The council shall provide by ordinance for the collection of all public utility charges made by the city, and for such purpose shall have all the powers granted to cities by this charter, any city ordinance or state statute.
Section 11.6 Separate accounts shall be kept for each public utility owned or operated by the city, distinct from other city accounts, and in such manner, as to show true and complete financial result of such city ownership or operation, or both, including all assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses. These accounts shall show the actual cost to the city of each public utility, the cost of all extensions, additions and improvements, all expenses of maintenance, the amount set aside for sinking fund purposes, and all operating expenses. They shall show, as nearly as possible, the value of any service furnished to or rendered by any such public utility by or to any other city department. They shall also show a proper allowance for depreciation and insurance. The council shall annually cause to be made, and printed for public distribution, a report showing the financial results for such city ownership or operation, or both, which report shall give for each utility the information specified in this section, and such further information as the council shall deem necessary.
Section 11.7 The city shall not sell, exchange, lease, or in any way dispose of the property, easements, income, or other equipment, privileges or assets belonging to and appertaining to any utility which it may acquire, unless and except the proposition for such purpose shall have been submitted, at a special election held for such purpose in the manner provided for in this charter, to the qualified voters of the city and approved by them by majority vote of the electors voting thereon. All contracts, negotiations, grants, leases, or other forms of transfer in violation of this provision shall be void and have no effect against the city. The provisions of this section shall not, however, apply to the sale or exchange of any article or equipment of any city-owned utility as are worn out or useless, or which could, with advantage to the service, be replaced by new and improved machinery or equipment.