No person shall lease, rent, occupy, or otherwise allow a rental unit within the city to be occupied without first registering the rental unit with the city and designating a responsible local agent. All units must be registered with the city annually on or before September 1.
   (A)   Registration forms. Registration shall be made upon forms furnished by the city and shall require all of the following information:
      (1)   The street address of the rental unit(s);
      (2)   The number and types of rental units within the rental property;
      (3)   Name, residence address, telephone number, and where applicable an e-mail address, mobile telephone number, and facsimile number of all property owners of the rental unit(s); and
      (4)   Name, residence address, telephone number, and where applicable an e-mail address, mobile telephone number, and facsimile number of the responsible local agent designated by the owner.
   (B)   Accurate and complete information. All information provided on the registration form shall be accurate and complete. No person shall provide inaccurate information for the registration of a rental unit, or fail to provide the information required for such registration. The registration form shall be signed by both the property owner(s) and the designated responsible local agent. Where the owner is not a natural person, the owner information shall be that of the president, general manager or other chief executive of the organization. Where more than one person has an ownership interest, the required information shall be provided for each such owner.
   (C)   Change in registration information or transfer of property. The property owner of a rental unit registered with the city shall re-register within 60 calendar days after any change occurs in the registration information, including a change in ownership. If a transfer of ownership occurs and there is a current certificate of compliance on file, then the new owner will only have to pay the registration fee upon the expiration of the current registration, It will still be required that the new owner fill out a new registration form.
   (D)   Registration term and renewals. Annually on or before September 1 of each year every owner of a rental unit shall register the same with the City of Bronson.
   (E)   Owner(s) and responsible local agent. The owner(s) and the designated responsible local agent shall be responsible for all of the following:
      (1)   Operating the registered rental unit in compliance with all applicable city ordinances;
      (2)   Providing access to the rental unit for the purpose of making any and all inspections necessary to ensure compliance with the applicable city ordinances;
      (3)   Maintaining a list of the names and number of occupants of each rental unit for which they are responsible; and
      (4)   Accepting all legal notices or services of process with respect to the rental unit.
(Ord. 206, passed 7-9-2018)