§ 155.02  DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter, the following terms and words shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates that a different meaning is intended.
   BOARD OF APPEALS.  for the purpose of this chapter, the City Council shall act as the Board of Appeals.
   CODE.  The International Property Maintenance Code, as adopted by the City of Bronson, shall be the established standards of enforcement under this chapter.
   DWELLING UNIT.  A building, or portion thereof, designed for occupancy for residential purposes and having cooking facilities and sanitary facilities.
   LANDLORD.  Any person who owns or controls a dwelling, dwelling unit, or rental unit and rents such unit, either personally or through a designated agent, to any person.
   OWNER.  The legal title holder of a rental unit or the premises within which the rental unit is situated.
   OWNER-OCCUPIED RENTAL UNIT.  A rental unit that is occupied in whole or in part by an individual whose name specifically appears on the deed for the property where the rental unit is located.
   PERSON.  Any natural individual, firm, partnership, association, joint stock company, joint venture, public or private corporation, limited liability company or receiver, executor, personal representative, trust, trustee, conservator or other representative appointed by order of any court.
   PREMISES.  A lot, plot or parcel of land, including the buildings or structures thereon, which also includes dwelling units and dwellings.
   RENTAL UNIT.  Any dwelling unit or residential structure containing sleeping units, including but not limited to hotels, motels, bed and breakfast establishments, boarding houses, or sleeping rooms, which is leased or rented from the owner or other person in control of such units, to any tenant, whether by day, week, month, year or any other term.
   RESIDENTIAL UNIT.  Any residential unit for which the tenant pays money or provides services to the owner of the property. This shall not include residences in which the owner permits an immediately family member to reside, unless that family members provides payment or services beyond utility payments.
   RESPONSIBLE LOCAL AGENT.  A natural person having his or her place of residence in the county and designated by the property owner as the agent responsible for operating such property in compliance with the ordinances adopted by the city.
   TENANT.  Any individual who has the temporary use and occupation of real property owned by another person in subordination to that other person’s title and with that other person’s consent; for example, a person who rents or leases a dwelling, dwelling unit, or rental unit from a landlord.
(Ord. 206, passed 7-9-2018)