(A)   The City Council for the City of Bronson is authorized to solicit bids, and award contracts, as determined by the City Council, for the collection and recycling of eligible materials within the City of Bronson.
   (B)   The City Council for the City of Bronson, may provide, by resolution, for appropriate penalties, either civil or criminal, for individuals, businesses or other entities who place hazardous or non-recyclable materials into the recycling stream.
   (C)   A resident may decline to participate in the recycling collection program by giving notice  to the city office on a form established for such purpose by the city. That form shall be retained on file by the city until either revoked by the resident, or the resident vacates the property in which they reside.
   (D)   Any person, business, or other entity who is not a participant in the recycling collection program shall not place materials of any sort into the recycling materials stream. Any violation of this provision shall be subject to the penalties under Bronson City Code § 10.99.
(Ord. 199, passed 7-15-2015)  Penalty, see § 10.99