The following transitional zoning uses are permitted with respect to residentially zoned premises, the side yard of which adjoins a “B” or “I” District, or which is situated across the street from and within lot line extensions of premises situated within a “B” or “I” District:
   (A)   The first residentially adjoining lot, or the first 150 feet thereof, whichever is the lesser, may be occupied by a use permitted in the adjoining “B” or “I” District provided:
      (1)   Off-street parking is adequate to meet the needs of the specific use in accordance with the provisions of this chapter is provided.
      (2)   Side yard meets the requirements for the district in which the lot is located.
      (3)   Any building then or hereafter located therein shall conform to a residential character.
      (4)   Sign requirements of the district in which it is located shall be complied with.
   (B)   The first 150 feet thereof may be utilized for off-street parking in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)