§ 154.46  REAR YARDS.
   (A)   When rear yards can be reduced.
      (1)   In all residential districts any platted and recorded lot less than 120 feet deep may have three inches deducted from the required rear yard depth for every foot the lot is less than 120 feet deep, provided no rear yard shall be less than ten feet.
      (2)   The required rear yard depth may be measured to the centerline of any adjoining alley, but no building shall be erected within five feet of the alley line.
   (B)   Structures or projections permitted.
      (1)   Terraces, steps, uncovered porches or other similar features are permitted in any rear yard and shall not be located less than ten feet from the rear lot line or less than six feet from an accessory building.
      (2)   Bays, including their cornices and eaves, balconies and fireplaces shall not project more than three feet into a required rear yard.
      (3)   Normal chimneys, flues, elevator shafts, connecting hallways, belt courses, leaders, sills, pilasters, lintels, ornamental features, cornices, eaves, gutters and other similar features may project into a required rear yard.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)