§ 154.45  SIDE YARDS.
   When side yards can be reduced:
   (A)   On lots with a width of less than 60 feet and recorded as such prior to the date of adoption of this chapter, the minimum width of each of the side yards shall be five feet, except side street yards shall be a minimum width of 15 feet;
   (B)   Terraces, steps, uncovered porches and other similar features are permitted in any yard, provided they shall not be higher than 18 inches above the lowest above-grade floor level and shall not be closer than five feet from any lot line; and
   (C)   Normal chimneys, flues, belt courses, leaders, sills, pilasters, cornices, eaves, gutters and other similar features, may project into a required side yard.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)