§ 154.44  FRONT YARDS.
   (A)   Exception for existing alignment. In any residential district the front yard requirements of a lot may be modified so as to equal the average depth of existing developed front yards on lots within 100 feet of the lot and within the same block front; provided the front depth shall not be less than ten feet.
   (B)   Structures or projections permitted.
      (1)   Terraces, steps, uncovered porches and other similar features are permitted in any front yard, provided they shall not be higher than 18 inches above the lowest above-grade floor level and shall not be located closer than five feet from any lot line.
      (2)   Normal chimneys, flues and structural overhangs into a required front yard are limited to 18 inches.
   (C)   Basis for determination of building setbacks on certain streets. The line from which building setbacks are required by this chapter shall be measured from the established right-of-way lines.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)