§ 153.06  PROCEDURE.
   (A)   Preliminary plat.
      (1)   Prior to submission of a preliminary plat, subdividers shall discuss tentative studies with the City Engineer.
      (2)   To receive consideration at the next subsequent meeting of the Planning Commission, the subdivider shall file with the City Engineer, not less than five days prior to the meeting, five prints of the preliminary plat, along with written application.
      (3)   The preliminary plat shall indicate the following:
         (a)   Proposed name of the subdivision, and description of the land to be platted;
         (b)   Scale: optional, but not to exceed 100 feet to the inch;
         (c)   Date and cardinal point;
         (d)   Boundary lines, accurate in scale, of the plat to be subdivided;
         (e)   Location and width and names of existing streets within or adjacent to the tract and any other features, such as county drains, water courses, railroads, section lines, existing buildings and the like;
         (f)   Names, locations and widths of proposed streets, alleys, easements, parks, lots and waterways;
         (g)   The name and address of the subdivider and the engineer or surveyor;
         (h)   All parcels of land proposed to be dedicated to public use and conditions of the dedication;
         (i)   When only a part of a tract is proposed to be subdivided the lay-out of the remaining area shall be drawn in sketch form;
         (j)   Boundary lines of adjacent tracts of unsubdivided and subdivided land showing owners; and
         (k)   Contours when required by the Planning Commission.
      (4)   The Planning Commission shall provide for a public hearing and shall notify by mail at least five days prior to the hearing all property owners within 500 feet of the extreme limits of the subdivision, as their names appear on the city tax records. The notice shall state the time and place of the hearing, a brief description of the subdivision and that copy of the preliminary plat of the subdivision is on file with the City Clerk/Treasurer for public inspection. The Commission shall also cause notice of the hearing to be published in the official newspaper or a newspaper of general circulation in the city, at least five days prior to the hearing.
      (5)   Approval of the preliminary plat by the Planning Commission shall be indicated in writing on the preliminary plat, along with any changes or requirements that the Commission may make, constituting of the final plat.
      (6)   Approval of the preliminary plat shall be valid for the duration of not more than two years.
   (B)   Final plat.
      (1)   (a)   The subdivider shall file with the Planning Commission the original ink tracing and eight litho-prints on cloth of the final recorded plat, together with a certificate of title by an attorney at law. The tracing shall be retained by the city.
         (b)   Approval of the final plat is contingent upon furnishing to the city engineer a plan of each street on tracing cloth with the following data: profile and cross-section notes of each street with grades: plan in profile of proposed sanitary and storm sewers with size and grades; a plan of water lines, with size and appurtenances, all in accordance with standard specifications of city.
      (2)   The final plat shall be prepared and presented in accordance with the provisions of the state plat law.
      (3)   Approval of the final plat is contingent upon evidence that the improvements as required have been made or will be made by the subdivider as provided herein.
      (4)   The plat and agreements, after approval by the Planning Commission shall be forwarded to the City Council for approval.
(Ord. 89, passed 2-14-1966)