(A)   Wall or projecting signs.
      (1)   Number: no more than three, per exterior wall.
      (2)   Size: no sign, or group of signs shall cover more than 10% of the wall to which the sign is affixed.
      (3)   Location: on wall of building facing street, alley or parking area.
   (B)   Real estate sign.
      (1)   Number: two per parcel.
      (2)   Size: no greater than six square feet.
      (3)   Location: minimum of five feet from adjacent property, minimum of eight feet outside of the right-of-way, unless placed on the wall of the building.
      (4)   Height: no higher than six feet.
   (C)   Freestanding and monument signs.
      (1)   Number: only one freestanding or monument sign per lot or parcel.
      (2)   Size: no greater than 32 square feet.
      (3)   Location: minimum of eight feet outside of the right-of-way.
      (4)   Height: no higher than six feet for monuments, 21 feet for freestanding.
   (D)   Marquee, suspended and awning signs.
      (1)   Number: one per business.
      (2)   Size: no greater than 32 square feet per storefront, on awning face or marquee face.
      (3)   Location: on face of awning or marquee or suspended from a horizontal plane.
      (4)   Height: minimum clearance of eight feet from bottom of sign, maximum overhang of eight
feet into the right-of-way.
(Ord. 167, passed - -2003; Ord. 182, § 16, passed 2-13-2012)