Historical sign variances may be sought, without fee, by application and request therefore directed to the Zoning Administrator, and shall be granted upon factual proof presented by the applicant, and found to be satisfactory and credible to the Zoning Board of Appeals that one or more of the following criteria apply:
   (A)   The sign is associated with historic figures, events or places;
   (B)   The sign is significant as evidence of the history of the product, business or service advertised;
   (C)   The sign is significant as reflecting the history of the building or the development of a historic district;
   (D)   The sign is characteristic of a specific history period, such as old leaf neon or stainless steel lettering;
   (E)   The sign is integral to the buildings design or physical fabric or if the removal will cause significant harm to the integrity of the building;
   (F)   The sign, by reason of craftsmanship, materials or design, is an outstanding example of sign marker art;
   (G)   The sign is a local landmark, recognized a popular focal point in the community; and/or
   (H)   The sign contains elements important in defining a district, such as marquees in a theater district.
(Ord. 167, passed - -2003)