(A)   Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Zoning Administrator relative to the placement, area, height or construction of a sign may appeal the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals.
   (B)   The Zoning Board of Appeals may grant a variance from the requirements of this chapter after a public hearing as follows:
      (1)   On a factual proof presented by the applicant for the variance that is found to be satisfactory and credible by the Zoning Board Appeals that:
         (a)   The variance would not be contrary to the public interest or general purpose and intent of this chapter;
         (b)   The variance does not adversely affect properties in the immediate area of the proposed sign;
         (c)   The petitioner has a hardship or practical difficulty resulting from the unusual characteristics of the property that precludes reasonable use of the property; and
         (d)   The variance sought is one for an historic sign which, if not related to the business currently conducted on the property on which it is located, shall not be included as part of the aggregate sign area.
      (2)   All sign variances shall terminate upon alteration or reconstruction of more than 50% of the sign, or a date set by the Zoning Board of Appeals.
(Ord. 167, passed - -2003)