(A)   Any violations or attempted violation of this chapter or of any condition or requirement adopted pursuant hereto may be restrained, corrected or abated, as the case may be, by injunction or other appropriate proceedings pursuant to state law.
   (B)   The remedies of the city shall include the following:
      (1)   Issuing a stop work order for any and all work on any sign;
      (2)   Seeking an injunction or other order of restraint or abatement that requires the removal of the sign(s) or the correction of its nonconformity;
      (3)   Imposing any penalties that can be imposed directly by the city under this chapter;
      (4)   Seeking in court the imposition of any penalties that can be imposed by the court;
      (5)   In the case of a sign that poses an immediate danger to the public health, or safety, taking measures as are available to the city under the applicable provisions of Municipal and Building Code for those circumstances;
      (6)   The city shall have other remedies as are and as may from time to time be provided for or allowed by state law for the violation of a zoning ordinance; and
      (7)   All remedies provided herein shall, to the extent allowed by, be cumulative for each violation to which they apply.
(Ord. 167, passed - -2003)