(A)   The area of a sign shall be measured as the area within a single, continuous perimeter composed of any straight line geometric figure which encloses the extreme limits of writing, representation, emblem, logo or graphic, together with any frame or other material or color forming an integral part of the display or used to differentiate the sign from the background against which it is places, excluding only the structure necessary to support the sign.
   (B)   The area of a freestanding, projecting or monument sign that has two or more faces shall be measured by including the area of all faces, unless the two faces are placed back to back and are of equal size, the area of the two back to back faces shall be counted as one face.
   (C)   The height of a sign shall be measured as the vertical distance from the highest point of the sign to the grade of the adjacent street or the average grade of the ground immediately beneath the sign.
   (D)   Awning signs will not include the material of fabric of the awning itself.
(Ord. 167, passed - -2003)  Penalty, see § 152.99