(A)   In the event a sign is abandoned for a period of 90 days the sign owner and/or property owner shall immediately remove any sign identifying the business announced thereby. The Zoning Administrator may grant an extension upon good cause shown.
   (B)   Any sign that is found to be constructed, painted, installed or maintained in a manner not consistent with this chapter, or without the proper permit, or for which the permit has lapsed and become void, or the time for nonconformance has expired, shall be forthwith removed.
   (C)   In the event a sign subject to removal pursuant to the preceding division is not removed as provided therein, the Zoning Administration shall forthwith notify the sign owner and/or the property owner in writing to remove the sign within 14 calendar days of the date of the notice.
   (D)   Should the sign owner and/or property owner fail to remove or cause the removal of the sign within the time established pursuant to division (C) above, the Zoning Administrator, or designee, is hereby authorized to remove or cause the removal of the sign. Any expense incidental to the removal shall be charged to the owner on which the sign is located and shall constitute a lien on the property, collectible in the same manner as taxes.
   (E)   Any sign placed within the right-of-way, except those provided for in § 152.07, shall be forfeited to the public and subject to immediate confiscation and removal at the sign owner’s sole expense.
   (F)   The words REMOVE, REMOVAL and REMOVED as used in this section and its divisions shall mean and include the demolition, destruction, removal and disposal of the sign face, posts, columns, backing material and supports of all signs. In case of painted wall signs, the words shall also include painting over the original sign face in its entirety so as to completely cover it.
(Ord. 167, passed - -2003)  Penalty, see § 152.99