(A)   Applications for sign permits and the appropriate non-refundable fee shall be made upon forms provided by the city office and be completed as specified by the Zoning Administrator, or designee. Applications must be accompanied by a rendering of the sign, dimensions, site location and any other criteria as required by the Zoning Administrator in order to enable him or her to determine compliance with the applicable provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   The application will be evaluated by Zoning Administrator, or his or her designee for compliance of municipal and other applicable law. The application, if not denied by the Zoning Administrator, or his or her respective designees, within three business days of the date of its receipt, shall be deemed approved and a permit shall be issued. The applicant shall be notified and informed of any reasons for denial along with the corresponding section of the code.
   (C)   If construction is not complete within 12 months of the issuance date of the permit, the permit shall lapse and become void.
(Ord. 167, passed - -2003)