Following the public hearing, the City Manager shall cause a report to be prepared for the City Council which shall (based on the filing of the cable operator, the comments or objections of interested parties, information requested from the cable operator and its response, staff or consultant’s review, and other appropriate information) include a recommendation for the decision of the City Council pursuant to § 112.10. The City Clerk/Treasurer shall mail a copy of the report to the cable operator by first class mail not less than 20 days before the City Council acts under § 112.10. The cable operator may file a written response to the report with the City Clerk/Treasurer. If at least ten copies of the response are filed by the cable operator with the City Clerk/Treasurer within ten days after the report is mailed to the cable operator, the City Clerk/Treasurer shall forward it to the City Council.
(Ord. 143, passed 9-20-1993)