15-1-3: JUDGMENT:
Any fine or any penalty imposed in accordance with this title and remaining unpaid after the exhaustion of, or the failure to exhaust, administrative remedies created under this title and the conclusion of any judicial review procedures shall be a debt due and owing, the village and, as such, may be collected in accordance with the applicable law. Payment in full of any fine or penalty resulting from an offense or violation under this title shall constitute a final disposition of that violation. A default in the payment of a fine or penalty or any installment of a fine or penalty may be collected by any means authorized for the collection of monetary judgments. The village attorney may retain attorneys and private collection agents for the purpose of collecting any default in payment of any fine or penalty or installment of that fine or penalty. Any fees or costs incurred by the village or any attorney fees shall be charged to the defendant. (Ord. 09-48, 10-19-2009)