Within thirty (30) days after each false alarm, the Alarm Coordinator shall notify the alarm user by mailing a notice to the address from which the false alarm was received. If the alarm user believes that the alarm was not a false alarm, he shall reply to the Alarm Coordinator within ten (10) days from the date that the notice was issued, stating the reasons why the alarm was not a false alarm. In the absence of such reply, the alarm shall be conclusively presumed to be a false alarm. The Alarm Coordinator shall determine, based upon department records and the user's reply, whether the alarm was false and so notify the user of his determination. If the alarm is determined to be a false alarm for which a fee is due, the user shall remit to the Village the appropriate fee for such false alarm within thirty (30) days of notification by the Alarm Coordinator. (Ord. 2014-01, 1-8-2014)