A.   Whenever any owner of real estate or the beneficial interest in a land trust, or any person or agent acting on behalf of such owner, offers to sell any real estate located within the village, said owner, person or agent shall notify the village of such proposed sale.
   B.   Upon receipt of such notice, the village shall cause an inspection to be made of the land, building and structure located upon such real estate, in order to determine if it is in compliance with the provisions of this code that pertain to health and safety.
   C.   Upon conclusion of said inspection, the building commissioner, or his designee, shall notify the owner or agent of any violations of applicable codes and, prior to the issuance of the certificate of compliance, a reinspection shall be conducted to determine if the violations were corrected. A certificate of compliance will be timely issued following the inspection or reinspection and provided that all violations have been corrected and the real estate is in compliance with this code. Upon presentation of the certificate of compliance, the village will affix a stamp upon the original deed or document of transfer.
   D.   If any owner, property agent, tenant, occupant or other person in control of the real estate or a dwelling unit contained therein fails or refuses to consent to free access and entry to the real estate or dwelling unit under his control for any inspection pursuant to this chapter, the village may apply to the circuit court of Cook County for an administrative search warrant or other appropriate court order authorizing such inspection.
   E.   The village does not warrant the condition of any property inspected and shall not be responsible for any claims arising out of the property or the condition thereof. The village does not warrant that all deficiencies related to the real estate are listed in the certificate of compliance and does not warrant anything as to the condition of the real estate or the liability thereof. (Ord. 09-25, 8-3-2009)