9-2-4: FENCES:
It shall be unlawful to erect any fence in the village without obtaining a permit therefor in compliance with this section.
   A.   Definitions:
    FENCE: A barrier, consisting of wooden or metal posts, rails, wire mesh or similar material used as a boundary or means of protection or confinement.
   FRONT YARD: That portion of the lot from the extreme front of building to the front property line.
   REAR YARD: That portion of the lot from the extreme rear of building to the rear property line.
   SIDE YARD: That portion of the lot on either side of the building from the side of building to the side property line; except on a corner lot, the side yard facing the street will be considered a front yard area.
   B.   Permit Required: An application for a building permit for a fence shall be made to the Building Commissioner and will be accompanied by a sketch showing property lines and location of buildings on property, indicating where fence will be installed, the type of fence and height of fence and also accompanied by the proper permit fee.
   C.   Permit Fee: The permit fee shall be as set out in subsection 9-2-3H of this Chapter.
   D.   Fence Restrictions:
   1.   "A" And "B" Districts:
      a.   In areas zoned "A" Single-Family or "B" Multiple-Family, height of fences shall be a maximum of six feet (6') in the rear yard area and a maximum of four feet (4') in the side yard area, except on a corner lot.
      b.   No fence shall be allowed in the front yard area or on a corner lot where the side yard faces the street.
   2.   "C" And "CC" Districts:
      a.   In areas zoned "C" Commercial or "CC" Industrial, height of fences shall be a maximum of eight feet (8') in rear yards and side yards.
   b.   No fence shall be allowed in the front yard.
Exceptions: This subsection shall not apply to school property or to publicly owned property. Any person requesting a variance from the provisions of this Section shall apply to the President and Board of Trustees who will consider the recommendation of the Building Commissioner and the interest of public welfare and safety.
   E.   Nonconforming Fences: Any fence in existence at the time this Section is enacted which does not conform to the provisions of this Section shall, upon the sale of the property or upon fifty percent (50%) destruction of said fence, be removed or brought into conformity with this Section.
   F.   Penalty: Any person found guilty of violating this Section shall be fined not less than one dollar ($1.00) nor more than two hundred dollars ($200.00) for each offense, and a separate offense shall be deemed to be committed on each day in which a violation occurs or is permitted to continue. (1987 Code)