A.   Improvements Required, Bond 1 : On application for any building permit, it shall be the duty of the street committee and the director of public works and water to inspect the premises for which the application is made in order to ascertain the condition of the street, sidewalk, curb and gutter immediately adjoining the premises, and also the surrounding area of the premises if the applicant is to build on a corner lot. It shall be the further duty of the street committee and director of public works and water to ascertain and estimate the cost if none of the improvements, namely streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, are installed on the premises for which application is made for a building permit, and before the issuance of any building permit, the applicant must comply by installing the curb, sidewalk, gutter and street. If same cannot be installed immediately, then applicant must deposit a performance bond with the village clerk to install the above improvements when requested to do so.
   B.   Deposit Required To Protect Water System 2 : No permit for the erection of a new building or structure or for the repair or alteration of an existing building or structure shall be granted unless there shall be deposited with the building commissioner the sum of twenty five dollars ($25.00) to protect the village against any loss due to damage to buffalo boxes or shutoff boxes of the water system in connection with such work. Such deposit shall be returned to the applicant upon completion of the work after deducting the cost of repairing or replacing any shutoff or buffalo box or the contents thereof, if any damage has been done thereto in connection with such work.
   C.   Diagonal Parking: Whenever any building permit is issued for any of the four (4) corners of any block fronting on Roosevelt Road in the village, the applicant for permit shall provide for diagonal, off street parking between the edge of the pavement and sidewalk on the side street adjoining Roosevelt Road. Plans and specifications for providing diagonal, off street parking space for automobiles, as prepared by the village engineer, shall be on file with the village clerk for public inspection. (1987 Code)



1. See title 8, chapter 2 of this code.
1. See title 8, chapter 4 of this code.