A.   Office Created, Appointment, Term: There is hereby created the office of building commissioner, an executive office of the village. The building commissioner shall be appointed by the president and board of trustees and shall hold his office for the period of one year and until his successor is appointed and qualified.
   B.   Duties: It shall be the duty of the building commissioner to see to the enforcement of all provisions of this code and other ordinances relating to building. He shall inspect all buildings or structures being erected or altered as frequently as may be necessary to ensure compliance with the provisions of this code and other ordinances.
   C.   Stop Work Orders: The building commissioner shall have the power to order all work stopped on construction or alteration or repair of buildings in the village when such work is being done in violation of any provision of this code or any ordinance relating thereto, or in violation of the zoning title 2 . Work shall not be resumed after the issuance of such an order except on the written permission of the commissioner or by order of the board of trustees; provided, that if the stop order is an oral one, it shall be followed by a written stop order within one hour. Such stop order may be served by any police officer of the village.
   D.   Right Of Entry: The building commissioner shall have the power to make or cause to be made entry into any building or premises where the work of altering, repairing or constructing any building or structure is going on at any reasonable time for the purpose of making inspections. (1987 Code)



1. See subsection 9-3-2B of this title.
2. See title 10 of this code.