Any person aggrieved by the violation of any provision of this Chapter, who has exhausted the remedies provided by this Chapter, may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction, not later than two (2) years after the occurrence of an alleged civil rights violation or the breach of a conciliation or settlement agreement, for appropriate relief from such violation, including:
   A.   An order compelling compliance with this Chapter; or
   B.   Compensatory/punitive damages; or
   C.   Such other further relief as may seem appropriate to the court for the enforcement of this Chapter and the elimination of violations thereof; or
   D.   Temporary restraining order whereby the respondent is kept from doing or causing any act which would be a violation of this Chapter; or
   E.   The Attorney General may commence a civil action in any appropriate United States District Court for appropriate relief. (Ord. 92-10, 4-6-1992)