A.   Police Reserve Created, Membership: There is hereby authorized a police reserve organization to supplement the regular police department of the village in such number as the president and the board of trustees may deem necessary at any particular time.
The president and board of trustees may delegate the fire and police commissioners to screen the eligible candidates for the police reserve.
   B.   Appointment, Applicability Of Rules And Regulations: The president of the village may, on the application of any person showing the necessity thereof, appoint by and with the advice and consent of the board of trustees the policemen to the reserve or any additional number of police reserve to do special duty at any fixed place within the village. The person so appointed shall be subject to all rules and regulations governing the police department and to such special rules and regulations as the chief of police or president and board of trustees may make concerning such policemen.
   C.   Powers: The members of the police reserve shall possess all the powers and privileges and perform all the duties of regular policemen. The police reserve shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the police department except that they shall not come within the jurisdiction of the fire and police commissioners. (1987 Code)