A.   Assist Fire Department: It is the special duty of the chief and members of the police department and who may be on duty, to respond to all fire alarms and assist the fire department in the protection of life and liberty in regulating traffic, maintaining order and enforcing observance of all applicable sections.
   B.   Arrest Powers 1 : The several members of the police force are authorized to arrest with or without process, or on view, any person or persons who shall break the peace or to be found violating any ordinance of the village or any criminal law of the state, and to take such person or persons before the appropriate court, or if necessary detain such person or persons in custody overnight or Sunday in the village jail or any other safe place, until they can be brought before the appropriate court for trial.
   C.   Report Accident: It shall be the duty of each and every police officer of the village, whenever any accident shall occur within the municipal limits of which he has or should have notice or knowledge, to report forthwith in writing to the president the place, day and nature of the accident; the hour of day or night when it occurred; and the condition of the weather. If the accident occurred at night, he shall report whether clear, cloudy or moonlit; whether the street lamps nearby were lighted or not; the name of each person injured; the extent and nature of the injury suffered; the names and residences of the principal witnesses; and the name and residence of the examining physician, if any.
   D.   Serve Warrants: Any regular member of the police department shall have power and authority, and it shall be his duty, in the village, to serve and execute warrants and other processes for the apprehension and commitment of persons charged with the violation of any village ordinance or any crime, misdemeanor or offense against the peace of the state or the village, or held for examination or trial, or taken on execution for the commission of any crime, misdemeanor or violation of any law or ordinance, and while serving or executing or assisting in the service or execution of any such warrant or process he shall be vested with and have all the powers and authority conferred on constables by the common laws and laws of the state.
   E.   Serve As Witnesses: All officers making arrests shall attend as witnesses before the court where the trial may be had, shall procure all necessary evidence in their power and furnish a list of witnesses to the court and the corporation counsel. No village officer shall be entitled to any witness fees to be taxed against the village in any action for any violation where the village is plaintiff. (1987 Code)



1. See section 1-6-6 of this code.